Google… We’re way up your ass.

While I do like Google, because of the convenience... There is some truth to this.


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Death Metal Rooster!!!!

Can't wait until the new album hits!

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How Fanboys See Operating Systems

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The coolest thing you’ll see all life with Tesla Coils

More via URLEsque

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16Dec/09 Abstraction

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Amazing car sounds… with mouth?

OK, I seriously expected fail, got amused.

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Like your neighbors’ Xmas lights werent annoying enuff…

let's add Guitar Hero into the mix thanks to Former Disney Imagineer and special effects wizard Ric Turner. With just a ring of the door bell is all you need to get playin, but Slow Ride.

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Charlie The Unicorn Goes to Candy Mountain

I know its an old one, but its also one of the best internet memes of all time. That and the tie in of one of the oldest urban myths.

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Traffic Signal Gives Up


via Traffic Signal Gives Up.

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Super want! – Tactical Nuclear Penguin, worlds strongest beer

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Anyone that has known me for very long probably knows that I am a fan of beer.   In fact if you notice my biological alcohol storage and processing unit (beer gut) you might surmise I friggin' LOVE beer.   You would be right.

I also love looking for new beers, especially something strong and exotic to try, even though they are not always very drinkable.  At least I can say I have been there.

I now have a new quest... I must find this beer!   Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the new beer by Scottish craft brewery BrewDog is a 10% imperial stout that has been aged in two different whiskey casks an extra 16 months until it reaches it's whopping 32% alcohol content.   This makes it currently the strongest beer by volume in the world, just passing the German brew Schorschbraer.  (Note to self... find that beer too!)  For those playing at home that makes it 64 proof.  Might as well call it Bourbon Light.

That is a lot of kick!   It most likely will be barely drinkable.   I have to have this beer!  It is now my white whale.   A single 12 ounce bottle would have the equivalent of 3 shots of whiskey poured by a bartender you have been tipping well all night.  If you see this brew in your favorite fancy grocery store or serious liquor emporium you are instructed to find me immediately or put up some kind of appropriate bat signal.

After I regain conciousness... I mean taste a sample... I'll report back with a full review.

Happy holidays and happy beer hunting!

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